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My name is Evan Beale. Im 29 years old. Im an Artist living the Dream. I live in Indiana. I like long walks on the beach, being outdoors in general, skateboarding, snowboarding, swimming, along with other various activities.

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You may have noticed that there is alot going on here. That is because a while back I decided to house all my content under one roof.

Its better practice to have different social pages and websites dedicated to specific niches.

This way people who follow for a specific type of content don’t have to be flooded with all the other stuff they didn’t sign up for.

This is how I use to structure my content, but I got really tired of logging into what seems like hundred of pages and websites to do updates and such.

So I moved everything here and its much easier on me, and I like having everything in one place for everyone, the thing is not everyone may feel that way.

The people that subscribed to this blog for my Evan Reviews Everything content, may not be interested in my marketing content or trading content or any of the other content I post here.

This is something I’m very aware of and have been searching for a solution so I don’t end up flooding my subscribers emails with content they don’t wont. I believe I found a solution to that with this new feature.

You should be allow to subscribe and unsubscribe to the categories I offer here.