Overlay Textures, Variety of Action Sets, Curves & Levels Presets, all in the sake of speeding up the creative process and adding new perspective throughout your creative work-flow.


Watch this video to learn precisely how I use the Mega Pack. With this Photoshop pack you can create amazing psychedelic pieces of art with a vintage retro grunge look to them.

Make amazing use of the Vintage Noise Overlays mixed with scratches and grunge to add some amazing aesthetic to your piece after playing around with the many action sets.

31 SVGs

Frequently used objects like grids, graphs, circles, arrows, lines, and a sacred geometry design.

There are 3 bonus pngs included in the pack, 2 wrinkled paper elements, and a paperclip.

65+ Free Vintage, scratched, Noisy Textures

I have always loved the faded, noisy, scratched, vintage and dust look. It’s one of my favorite and most used effects/looks I use on my art. So to me, this is one of the best parts of the Mega Pack.

  • Vintage, Noise, Grunge, Torn Paper
  • Colours, Shapes, and Lines

21 Presets

  • Level Faders
  • Curve Waves

5 action sets

  • Quick Back Drops
    • Transform Flips with Filters
  • Trippy Alien People
    • Transform Flips with Distortions
  • Vibe Lines
    • Colorful Outlines with Distortions
  • Utility Set
    • Frequently Used Shortcuts
  • Step by Step
    • 4 Click Process