AMAZING Tool Every Digital Freelancer Needs to Know About

I have 16 personal brands I operate under. On top of that I have quite a few clients, which means I have all sorts of things going on. Before I found this tool I was very unorganized and scattered. It was hard to operate efficiently and not let something get neglected or miss something. I tried many different programs, software, and platforms to try and organize everything in a way that worked for me, where all my brands and clients notes, blogs, images, style guides, and lists were all in 1 place across all my devices.

I was pretty much about to give up and accept the fact I would have to push forward with my current system, or lack of, and be jumping back and forth between folders, sites, desktops, devices, locations what ever it may be.

Until, I found out about Milanote.

Milanote is like a desktop in your browser where you can set up different boards. You can create boards within boards and set up things however you like really. For someone who takes a lot of notes and manages brands, its really nice. They have a ton of board templates you can use, split up into different digital freelancing categories. The more hats you wear, the more valuable this app is for you.

There is a free plan where you get like 120 items. The paid plan is like 12.50 a month. I highly recommend the paid plan. If you got a shit ton of stuff going on, its totally worth it.

The support is top notch as well, they are very kind, helpful and work with you if you run into a problem. They are located in Australia, and my card flags purchases outside the states, so my payment didn’t go through, and I had to work it out with the bank and them, and I was worried my stuff was going to get deleted, but we got it sorted. They also have a backend user portal where they share what features they are working on and you can suggest new features, and there are community votes, the app is only going to get better.

This is not an ad, nor am I affiliated with Milanote, I just wish I had known about this app sooner, its helped me tremendously, so I figured I would share.

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