Hello Hello

Its a new year which means we all get to recreate ourselves for a week or two before slipping back into old habits lol. Just Joking, well hopefully, I wish everyone well in their new years resolutions.

I have been devoting most my time to web design for clients, a few logos here and there, not as many as of late which sucks, id rather do those all day before web design lol, don’t get me wrong, love web design as well, just takes more time… my personal time has been dedicated to the new book that’s hopefully coming very soon.

I have been steadily adding new assets to my FFCU Drop, I hope to be done with this project by the end of this year.

Other than work we just been steady learning and perfecting different crafts, as we write this I’m currently giving some attention to some old neglected pieces I can hopefully FINALLY finish lol.

Seen a few new movies, nothing special, I would say nothing to write about, but that would be a lie, cuz I did write about them lol, check the new reviews on Evan Reviews Everything.

Working on new music as well. New pieces of art. New visuals. Its all coming soon. As always.



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