CAPTAINS LOG: 017 – Updates All Around!

Its been a minute since my last captains log, I guess that’s how they all are, progress takes time, if I was writing one of these every day I wouldn’t have much to report.

Since my last check in I have made a huge update to the CyberWorkz Dashboard, including adding a ton of new resources that will help you immensely. I added capital trades and whale stats to the board.

The latest on EME is the Digital Clinic Hub has undergone a major update as well, including the drop of the freelancers guide to the internet, as well as Messy Mockups.

I have also launched a new subsidiary, Streamer_Graphix. I am doing so much work in that niche that I figured I would dedicate a hub to it.

I have been doing lots of work over at Wizard, face lifts, landing new clients, publishing new articles, updating case studies, and adding new pages to better detail what we do.

Dopely Threaded has had some major drops since my last log, The Legacy Drop and The Sum’ 22 Drop. Go check out the dope threads!

I have also done some back-end cleanup and organization around the site, as well as off site which has helped me get serious about growth across the board for everything under the EME umbrella.

I thank everyone who is following and supporting my journey, it has been a blast and when I started off, I never would have imagined this is where I would be. I couldn’t be any more grateful for my present and excited for my future. We continue on, forward, laying the foundations of EME. You can expect more content and more articles soon!

with love,

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