CL:018 – 2022 Was A Great Year For Me and The Empire

We Made it!

We made it to the new year! I won’t lie, I wasn’t sure we would! All world-ending worries to the side, last year was a good year of self growth. I stepped away from creating as much as I usually do to really realign my mind, body, and soul, with tremendous success I might add.

Although I wasn’t creating as much. I was working hard on the back end of all my digital operations. Thinking long and hard about the direction I wanted to go from this point on, and the vision has never been clearer, I have many things and people to thank for that.

Although I believe we are now in the very beginnings of Dead Kulture, more divided than we ever have been, and on the verge of a major world event, I am still incredibly excited and optimistic for the future. Terrified, but still excited and optimistic.

What Did We Get Done This Year?

This year we have optimized the empire’s digital infrastructure and added necessary tools and resources to continue to scale.

Early on in 2022 I restructured the entire site, which was Escaping Finlandia(my travel blog), into, which now serves as the directory for all my digital operations.

All the brand pages on EME have gotten a face lift, updated to a 3 column design, 2 sticky side bars with sliding content in the middle. I quite like this design and think it works better than the previous designs for all the pages; CyberWorkz, Evan Reviews Everything, and Dopely Enlightened.

Big things in progress…

Dopely Diverse has seen a lot of action as of late. I launched a merch shop and a digital asset store at the very end of 2022 and already making sales. I am now developing products for all divisions, so I have transitioned the Dopely Threaded site into the Dopely Diverse site and have all the divisions up there. I’m super excited about finally selling personal art, which I never wanted to do, prints are one thing, but parting with originals has always been hard for me, but I’m running out of storage room lol. I’m super excited about my plans when it comes to Dopely Diverse and all its divisions.

Evan Reviews Everything probably saw the most action on the Tik Tok page, i plan to make much more content this coming year, so be prepared for more dumb reviews.

Escaping Finlandia didn’t see much action either, I did get in a birthday retreat to Florida and got to go to the JFK Space Center, which was probably the highlight of the year for me, shit was insane! Much more content will be coming this year, more photography if nothing else.

Nothing Wrong with nothing too exciting, as long as you still making money lol…

Nothing too exciting with Streamer_Graphix, just chugging along designing stuff for gamers, love doing it!

Same goes for Digital Clinic, I redesigned The Digital Outreach Program and added some new links as well as updated the marketing codex page. So far, I have 1 concrete resource I’m going to be putting together, who knows what else will come up though!

Coming Up this Year:

I have a lot of plans for this year, lots of releases, lots of products, lots of art, lots of opinions, lots of rants, lots of everything! I got some books planned! That’s one of the things that excites me most, I will make a post later talking more about that though. I got so many projects going on and I never been operating at such levels of creative energy, I’m just thrilled.

Thanks for all those following and supporting the journey, I see and appreciate yall more than you’ll ever know!


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