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My name is Evan Beale. Im 29 years old. Im an Artist living the Dream. I live in Indiana. I like long walks on the beach, being outdoors in general, skateboarding, snowboarding, swimming, along with other various activities.

CL:019 – The Diverse Migration

Captain’s Log: 019 – 3/2/23 //  Heading into the end of the first quarter, great progress has been made on our current expedition. We are establishing new connections and trade routes. I have added to my digital infrastructure and strengthened its foundations. A great migration has taken place to allow growth.

We have tidied up quite a bit around here, site should be running smoother, I removed my shop from this website and moved all of my products to dopelydiverse.com. I am also beginning to sell original art, which I have always had a hard time doing, I hate letting go of my creationz. New Blog post over at dopelydiverse.com explains this new era of dopely diverse.

I am very surprised at the support all the new channels/shops have seen and am eternally grateful.

A lot of art is on the way, I have made like 80+ analog pieces so far, and working on a huge digital drop that will give birth to many creationz, I told yall I was coming with the color!

The back end of January saw the drop of the Data pack in the Digital Asset Store, as well as the Mini-Manifests release.

I have added a great deal of links to the Freelancer’s Guide

Stay tuned, thank yall for trusting the process and following the journey.

I am extremely privileged
and Eternally Grateful,
so I Move with Meaning
thru this Golden Moment,
a Dream, I been livin’ since ’93. 
-Dopely Faded aka Evan aka Lil Latex aka dopeartguy

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