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Current Plays: My Crypto Investment Strategy[10/25/21]

The last few months I’ve been laying low, slowly building out my portfolio. After making some decent gains on shit coins & meme stocks I figured I ought to be doing more. Technology and the digital world are the future. I think its pretty safe to say you could invest in any of the top dogs, and hold for a few years and see some pretty nice gains. People think they missed out on Bitcoin and kick themselves in the ass but don’t realize we are still in the wild west era, the gains to me made during this time period are unfound anywhere else. New Millionaires made everyday.

Hammering Down my Long Term Positions

Off some smart advice, I’ve been putting small bits into BTC & ETH weekly. These coins are guaranteed fool-proof gains, source: TRUST ME BRO! As crypto becomes more mainstream and more widely used, the value of these coins will go up who knows how much. These are the longest holds of all my positions, more than likely only adding to them and not selling any for a good few years in the least.

I am still in the meme coins, I hold Doge and Shiba, both of which, have made me quite a bit of money when many told me they wouldnt lol. I got in Doge at .14 and sold at .63 and then bought back in after the whole elon musk snl event, now I’m just holding waiting for the next catalyst. As for shiba, I got in at May around my birthday, not sure the exact price, this is one I was thinking about selling, but the market cap jumped up 13 billion in 30 days, i think it could reach doges marketcap or at least get closer to it, so im holding to see wat happens.

After that there’s so many coins to choose from it can be hard to decide, I mean you only got so much money, you cant invest in all these dam projects. So I figured I would keep most my investments on the safer side by putting them into some of the top 100 coins some of which are related to gaming and nft’s which I only see going up (SOL, DOT, AVAX, MATIC, VET, FTM, MANA, SAND). There’s no way that I see that these coins don’t go up, my source: trust me bro! On the riskier side, I only hold 2 coins, baby shark and life token, i personally believe in these projects and their goals, if those boys ever blow Ill be mega rich but honestly I’m just happy to be apart of those communities, great communities that do great things.

So these are pretty much gonna be my long term holds unless something pops earlier than expected and I see some nice gains i need to realize. I’m close but not done locking in all my investments on these, once I get everything to where I want it, which should be by the end of this year. I will have play money in a different wallet I use for day trading and more frequent and random trades outside my locked in portfolio.

As always don’t take anything I do as financial advice, do your own research and find the coins you like.

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