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You may have been Targeted by a Scammer.

The Digital Outreach Program:

Victim Prevention – Digital CashFlow
Popular Scams
  1. Buying Blue/Grey Tick Verification Badge
  2. Buying “Real” Engagement
  3. Buying “Real High Quality” Backlinks
  4. Anything Fishy Having To Do With Cashing Checks
  5. Anything Having To Do With Giving Over Access To Your Computer

Why Did you Get Sent Here?

If someone sent you to this page, that means they witnessed you show interest into a potential scam, our hopes are that we can prevent you from falling victim to such a scam.

In this particular case you seemed to be inquiring about ways to earn digital cashflow, below I will outline some resources that I heavily utilize to make money online.

Digital Clinic provides value on the Digital CashFlow Sector, our number one priority is providing an informational hub of honesty. In this industry, Scams are everywhere. Evan Beale created Digital Clinic for the sole reason of exposing scammers and providing a community of honest marketers.

Anyone that claims to have a “secret system”, but requires your email to give it up, is just farming emails.

Below are Affilate Offers that will get you on the right track, if you can figure this stuff out by yourself, scroll down to the Mentors Section and check out all those links, some great content there! Good Luck!

Learn how to Make $1000/Day in Sales With Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping!

With these 3 offers you will be on your way to making passive income in no time, all three of these offers heavily contribute to my success with Ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

Clickbank is an awesome resource for Affiliate Marketing, Get a step ahead with the Clickbank University that shows you how to truly utilize Clickbank. The Econ Formula heavily contributes to my success with Ecommerce. There is a full money back guarantee if it doesn’t help you as much as it helped me.
This tool is very helpful for integrating affiliate offers from various marketplaces into your WordPress site! There are many features to this tool that currently help me make more than $1000 on Average a day!

Learn How to Make +$10k/Month with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a very valuable skill to know in this Digital Age.

If you can manage companies Social Media accounts while running Specialized Ad Campaigns that bring High ROI you can make well over 10k a month.

The possibilities are endless once you know this stuff!

My Free E-book has been downloaded thousands of times and I keep getting Messages from new-comers that tell me this book has dramatically helped them grasp the core concepts of Digital Marketing.

I stumbled upon this guide a while back, it helped tremendously, now I make sure to send it to anyone looking to learn, its full of amazing in depth content, with links to resources and tools with great value.


Learn from the people who taught me! They are Great Teachers!

Gary Vee is my number one Mentor, not only has he taught me much of what I know, he gives me incredible motivation and direction and perspective.

Miles is my number one recommendation when it comes to Facebook Ads, he covers many other things as well, make sure to check out his content!

Surfside covers in Depth PPC Advertising on all platforms, I highly recommend their channel to those looking to learn more.

The official YouTube Channel for Google Adwords, Learn directly from the horses mouth, incredibly valuable!

Cody Hawk has a similar approach to me when it comes to No Bullshit, he taught me alot about Ecommerce in General.

Anything My mentors miss, Google Picks up the Slack, one of the most powerful tools at our fingertips, make sure you use it.

The Secret to Ranking on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

This may not be what you want to hear, but the true secret to ranking high on SERPs is to not try so hard. Now does that mean to ignore marketing and proper SEO Strategies? Of course not!

What I mean by “Don’t Try so Hard” is that its easy for SEOs or Businesses to focus their efforts entirely on ranking in search engines, this means….

“Evan is an awesome marketer and I am impressed by his style of work. I would recommend him to everyone who is looking for marketing solutions.”

-Ali Khan

I hope you found the information on this page helpful, yes there are affiliate links, but I promise you if I don’t make a dime off this email I won’t lose any sleep, actually I will, but not because I didn’t make money, but because you passed on this opportunity, I promise you if you invest in yourself and spend your time learning you will be surprised at what happens. Im hoping you investigate these resources I provided instead of falling for some scammer’s scam.

Fighting Scammers Over At Digital Clinic

Digital Clinic was created for the sole purpose of combating scammers and frauds within the digital realm, in doing so I had a lot of people start asking me for help. Which I was glad to offer, thus I started offering a place for exposing scams, honest strategies, tips, and hints. I have written many resources including an Ebook and many posts, with more always on the way. I am trying to build a community of like minded honest people so we can share and grow together.