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Is Elon Musk going to jail for Market Manipulation? NO he is not.

Well, I’m really trying guys, im trying to be better and more understanding, and not as mean lol, but then i run across people like this, and it scares me.

We’re gonna start locking people up, just because there is an ocean of dumb fucks out there that follow his every move, or tweet for that matter, is that his fault?

My mans not allowed to tweet about how he hopes his company does, or how a crypto that he likes performs… like wtf… elons not the problem lol, you all are.

Stop worshiping these people and make your own decisions, its sad how many people wait around waiting for this man to tweet so they can check their portfolio, your doing this all wrong.

Elon’s not going to jail for market manipulation. He cant help every dumbfuck out there.

Some people get it, but it seems like most dont. So many people out there that dont understand shit.

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