My Villain Origin Stories

these are my villain origin stories, there’s more great ones to come

one day after a pal football game, i did a number 4 but my laces got caught on the top of the fence and i was just dangling there like an idiot while everyone laughed lol\

this video is the closet i could find to my situation, although its nothing alike lol, other than the fact me my bro and timmy fell everytime we went off the lift… but we were on an (older?) ski lift not a drag lift … but anyway one of the times i went to get off the ski lift and my jacket got caught on the chair and my ass got dragged and then was dangling in the air while everyone laughed lol

In 6th grade i gave a letter to carren franke professing my love to her, i gave it to her then ran and hid in the bathroom for some reason lol, she proceeded to read the letter out loud to like 20 girls outside the bathroom… everybody laughed at me, even later that day on the school bus ride home people were talking about it lol… now all these bitches on social asking where a good man is, serves em right lol..


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