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People are FREAKING OUT, Instead of Buying The Dip

Its scary times indeed, much uncertainty surrounding many things. They say we are in a recession, we are seeing high prices, and red across the board. Everyone’s Panicking.

In times of crisis, panic does nothing. These are the times when im excited. This is the dip. That fabled dip everyone tells you to buy at, yet everyones freaking out when it actually arrives. Stop buying crypto at ATHs thinking your gonna be rich.

Everyone says “buy low, sell high” but only a few actually do it.

You look at a chart and you see that low point before the rip and always think “man if i had just bought in right there”. WE ARE IN THOSE TIMES. The market always goes back up.

Short of a nuclear war, or the end of our species, the market will always rebound. Now of course that doesn’t mean every project, stock, or company will, so choose accordingly.

But when everythings this low, even bluechips, its just a firesale. Take advantage, but remember timing is important. We can always go lower or higher, time your entries and exits carefully.

See yall on the other side.
-evan for CyberWorkz

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