Russell Brunson Blocked Me For Calling Him Out On His BS | Digital Clinic

I just randomly get an ad for Russell Brunson’s new campaign featuring something about clickfunnels, the overpriced wordpress in my eyes, and he had a picture of all these people on it, all these “selling success” webinar/course/email list gurus. Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez were on there, to which I simply commented “grant cardone and tai lopez lol”.

Later the same ad popped up in my feed, didn’t think much of it, until I noticed I could only share it, the option to comment was missing, as well as my original comment, lol.

Now I don’t give a shit about being blocked, but I find it hilarious that, that simple comment was enough to warrant a block from Russell. I didn’t even expand on my meaning, but he knew what the fuck I meant lol, which is gold. All these guys know.

These guys are what’s wrong with the industry. Them running and hiding from what could barely be considered a critique has me intrigued on what’s really going on and the level of bs these guys are operating at. I’m going to get much louder and organized about this bs moving forward. This little event really inspired me, as well as discovering CoffeeZilla’s channel really reinvigorated the reason I started Digital Clinic. These people shouldn’t be allowed to operate like this lol.


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