Victories From The Battlefield

Don’t come at me unless your prepared, and don’t let me catch you slippin in my areas of the net.

Left wingers usually beat themselves with their own words and rules, here’s a prime example.

Another example is how they claim one set of riots is “mostly peaceful” while claiming a different riot that was less violent by definition was a “9/11 type event.”

No consistency, very hypocritical. Like if your gonna make up these rules, make sure you remember to apply them to your own logic lmao.

People are so critical and judgmental of things they don’t understand, especially when it comes to different types of relationships, and especially when it comes to the smiths lol.

People upset that Chris Pratt is Mario for complete bs reasons.

This one went from a joking around comment about having a folder named “hacks” to some jackass taking what i said entirely seriously and then claiming i said things which i never said, when theres a public thread of what ive said lolol.

People need to up their reading comprehension game lol. Words are important lol.

Find me in this thread where i said “players SHOULD HAVE TO change folder names” and I will pay you a Million Dollars, you can’t cuz I simply made a joking silly suggestion that you change your hacks file as a possible solution, not that you SHOULD HAVE TO lol.

For anyone who ever falsely labeled me a misogynist, you’ll like this one. I couldn’t help myself on this one, sometimes you just see shit that irritates you. Something so ignorant you gotta let em know lol. So here i am defending Jlo and women alike everywhere lol. The thing about pornstars wasnt a dig either lol, i love pornstars, dont we all?

It bothers me when everything is boiled down to race. Sure it can play a role, but the whole Missing White Women Syndrome is ridiculous. Stop blaming complex issues simply on race, its a major disservice to everyone. Lets bring back some critical thinking and ask ourselves why things are the way they are, trying to identify every contributing factor instead of an easy cop out. And most importantly, WE NEED TO STOP FIGHTING RACISM WITH RACISM. Its like what John Connor said, if we are no better than the machines(racists) THAN WHAT IS THE POINT, IN WINNING?!

There was a lot of misinformation and straight up bs being spread during the Rittenhouse Trial. It’s crazy how many people were spouting bs without even watching the tapes, cough cough Ana Kasparian. The “mads” girl blocked me after I owned her with truth lol. This is where political polarization takes us.

another victory

This ones a gooden … take note of her OC “freedom of speech” “like-minded people” “absolutism” and then take in mind the fact that after she couldnt give me one example to back up her opinion, she blocked me lol, very ironic, i guess shes not for free speech, if were looking at things from her view point.

Less of a victory or debate but just more a showcase of how hypocritical liberals are. Especially with that last comment, oof. imagine if i said that to a “poc”. (i use quotations cuz a person from almost every ethnicity has told me they hate that term, another example of how disconnected liberals are.)


Well this is ironic

Dood this one was a crazy face palm, the lack of awareness is wild. 

“Elon Musk doing this media blitz to sell a checkmark and cash in on all these idiots is some of his finest, most beautiful work yet.”

Full Disclosure, i got the book and it did more for me than a checkmark ever could lol, hell if the world ends i can use it as fire started, your checkmark will be gone lol. Then again I’m not the type of person that feels insignificant and insecure enough to need an ego boost from something as silly as a checkmark. but if it does them good, so be it lol. 

this man accuses me of hating/attacking this other guy, which i wasnt, simply pointing out the fact he used ai to write a comment which was funny. he got butt hurt then hates/attacks my art, lmao, people are wild. the crazy thing i was trying to educate bro but his mind wasnt so opened, his iq might not be as high as he thinks.

So called "liberal progressives" showing their true colors!

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