You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

In my recent Captains Log, I talked about some of the changes I was making to the site/content and my life/mind. I wanted to dedicate a post to summarize some of the things I’ve been learning, new habits I’m forming, and old things I’m getting rid of or fixing.

Mind, Body & Soul – Skills – Overall Self Improvement

I have made some drastic changes in these regards.

I have started reading at least 1 book a month, which means I buy a new book each month, slowly building up a nice collection, I love obtaining knowledge and perspective, but I hate reading lol, but I found just dedicating at least an hour each day helps, and once I start its hard to stop, the selection matters as well, and I’ve been picking some winners lately, working on putting up an ev dogs monthly book club page, coming soon.

I have dedicated 1 hour each day to writing, I have been working on various projects, I have a rough draft of season 1 of a cartoon I’m developing. Stoked on that and what’s to come.

I dedicate at least an hour a day to study, studying topics of interest to me, such as but not limited to; psychology, spirituality, music theory, dreams, history, politics, space, conspiracy theories, current news, etc etc.

I make sure to watch at least 2 tutorials on YouTube everyday, making sure I learn new information and techniques when it comes to my creative outlets, i sort of schedule what I’m going to focus on for the week, whether its photoshop stuff, after effects stuff, blender, adobe audition or music theory, coding, all sorts of shit.

I have a list of subscriptions, news sites, blogs, forums, etc covering various industries that i check in the morning and then at night before bed.

I have dedicated at least 1 hour a day to gaming, whether its something like fortnite or cod, or literal brain games and puzzle games. There are quite a few benefits to gaming.

I make it a point to listen to one podcast episode a day while I get work done, just another way to passively gain more information and perspective, I will listen to just about any podcast lol, I’m very interested in people.

I make it a point to seek out and listen to new music by 1 artist that’s unknown to me everyday, I literally get anxiety about the fact that there’s so much great music out there and we will never hear it all.

I have taken up Yoga and Meditation on an every other day basis, coupled with a workout routine. These things alone have already made a mass improvement on my well being and general outlook. I have also begun to practice Intermittent Fasting, 16 hours of fasting after my last meal, I feel better and have started to lose weight. I’m trying to cut back on smoking and the amount of soda I drink, which I have, but not enough, also dramatically slowing my fast food intake lol. I have been drinking much more water, I got this huge jug that tell you how much you gotta drink every two hours, its intense lol, but again got me feeling better.

I alternate between taking very cold showers and very hot showers no in between anymore.

Something else I am doing is, searching up the benefits to things I hate. For example, look up the benefits to being cold and your less likely to bitch about it, or at least be able to see the positives while you bitch lol.

You’ll notice that “at least 1 hour” a lot, that’s what it all boils down to I think, Highly Optimized Time Management. Setting out 1 hr. blocks and assigning them to a particular task or whatever and you have to hold yourself accountable to that schedule you set, its hard to hold yourself accountable when your all over the place. So creating lists and assigning certain blocks of times helps you to visually organize your thoughts and its easier to start holding yourself accountable. Don’t hold yourself TOO accountable lol, we need some breathing room for some healthy procrastination. That’s what it really boils down to(lol), finding a perfect balance.

YOOOOO THIS IS MAGIC, THIS IS FATE… i just opened tik tok the video was rob dyrdek literally talking about this lol, i saw this just now, after having lived like this for a few months and after typing this report up… shit is wild, small world lol, and now you can take it from someone thats been living this for even longer than me and seeing the results it provides…


The most precious resource on earth is time. #BuildWithRob

♬ original sound – Rob Dyrdek

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