Birthday Retreat to Florida

This coronavirus was a travel bloggers worst nightmare I assume, travel blogging is only a small percent of what I do here, so I made by pretty good but I figured after a year and half of the rona, it was time for a little retreat down to Florida. I strongly believe in disconnecting from normal everyday work life so you can recharge doing whatever you want to and come back 200% better. I try to do it much more often but as we have already stated, that hasn’t been as easy as it usually is. I been dying to get back to a festival.

But at last we made it down. I Flew allegiant down, and let me just say, its a blessing anytime you step off a plane, but sometimes allegiant got me feeling more blessed than other flights. My Mommy performed the airport pickup pretty flawless, only had to wait like 2 mins with the girl that just had to get off the plane 1st cuz she couldn’t miss her Lyft, like theres not countless more out there…

I could be wrong but I don’t think we even made it back to the house from the airport before we were stopping at a local spot for some grub. I forget the name, something by the sea, lol, I need to get the name cuz I need to do a review on my food. Mini preview of the review, the food was pretty dam good. I got this big ol’ burger that I had to unhinge my jaw to eat lol, not the biggest ive seen(thats what she said) but still a big one.

From there we went back to the house and settled in a bit. First thing you do when you get to Florida is go to the beach so after enough settling we went down for a walk. First time on the beach in like a year and a half felt very nice and super calming for the spirits. We got word that the grandparents were back at the house so we headed back for the reunion. It was nice seeing them after so long.

I believe we all went out to eat that night? Shit I cant remember thats what I get for waiting so long to write this. But we pretty much hung out back and forth between the house and the beach while going shopping and out to eat.

We decided to go on a fan boat ride cuz everyone had always wanted to, so why not? It was good times. The operation was ran by a character by the name Captain Jed, I think? Could have been Captain Joe… berry was calling him captain hank cuz no one knew what his name was lmao… my mom thought we had the wrong place cuz the sign said captain Jims and she thought we need captain Jeds cuz of a misspelled review, but we took google maps to the location so idk how we would be in the wrong spot, we wouldn’t lol…old people am I right?

So Captain Hank finally shows up and we’re off, this dood is pointing out all these birds and giving us the rundown of them, and its like, for all I know he could have been bullshitting all of it, maybe he has a bird book, idk… he had named all the alligators and told us their and his life story lol… he told us how he had a pet alligator and all of this crazy nonsense, but he was a good guy, funny.

From there we pretty much did more of the same, eating, chilling, sun bathing on the beach. We did go down to the dock and see some manatees up close, which was pretty cool. These things are fucking huge, and they look like big turds or something lol, like if you bumped into one of these things while swimming, you would shit yourself, then there would be two turds floating lol.

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