CL:023 – Digital Clinic is Moving, CyberWorkz work is done

In 2018, I started The Digital Clinic Project. Its focus was to bring attention to various scams within the marketing industry and hopefully stop people from getting scammed. In doing so I started getting requests from people for reliable resources in regards to real honest marketing. I put together a dashboard featuring original resources, including eBooks and guides, as well as curated resources, such as, The Freelancers Guide to the Internet. I published blogs outlining scams I came across, tools I found online, and techniques one could utilize.

All together, these resources have been visited/downloaded tens of thousands of times. I know of a few specific situations where the project actually prevented some from losing their life savings. This project has been incredibly important and fulfilling, and it continues to make an impact today. It will live on as a carrd. I’m doing some cleaning up on my back end, and will probably be switching my hosting here soon and decided to take the opportunity to do some optimizing to my infrastructure.

The New Digital Clinic Interface

CyberWorkz dashboard will be taken down, but I’m creating a crypto resource that will be my last for this project as my attention and energy is needed in more fulfilling spaces. This last pdf will serve as a one stop shop resource for everything you need to know about crypto, marking an end to my work on this project. Mission Accomplished.

Click here for that resource

This represents a downsizing for eme, a reflection of my new focus and intention. Like I just did with dopely diverse, we got spread too thin, so we have to move things around a bit.

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