CL:022 – 2024 Came quick, just like me, ayy ohhh

Sorry for the crude humor in the title. Its been a while since I wrote a piece here so I had to make sure you were paying attention.

This year was a wild one. We got a lot done business wise… and pleasure wise wasn’t too bad either.

2024 marks the 3rd mini-manifest year for me. Which is wild. Time has moved very fast. That aside its already so cool to look back on 3 books and see how the journey has progressed. These journals have kept me focused and grateful for all the blessings in my life. They’ve helped me usher in a new era. They have and will continue to serve their purpose. My memory is so bad, I wish I would have started these sooner but I’m glad I started later than never at all.

As bad as Covid was and how mad I am at the governments for being responsible. I do cite the shutdowns as one of the major catalyst and opportunity for me to audit my entire life and perspective. Thus make life changes that were needed to elevate to a higher self. Turning a negative into a positive is a form of yin to yang transmutation. Through this work, new paths have been revealed. I couldn’t be more excited for the future.

2023 marked the first year I decided to start selling my original art. It’s hard, it’s like selling a piece of your soul. I never had the desire to sell my personal art. Unfortunately I have run out of room on the studio walls so it must start to go. Still, knowing a piece of my soul resides in someone’s space and makes them feel something, is cool. With all the changes I began a new era of Dopely Diverse. I Started developing products for every division. Its cool to see what Dopely Diverse has evolved into. It’s like the original vision I had for it all those years ago when I first came up with it. I just never had it dialed in as much as I do now, and its only going to get better.

The past few years have been about optimizing infrastructures and systems. Although that’s a never ending job, we are now in a position to see the vision come to fruition. I’m stoked, I feel reborn, which is why I dubbed this era The Faded Phoenix Era. There’s always more work to do. I have so much stuff planned for all divisions. Tons of stuff outside Dopely Diverse as well.. stay tuned

thank you all for the support



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