CL:021 – Half way thru 2023 Already?!

I am 2 months late for the 2Q/half year mark. Time moves pretty fast when your having a blast. I been super busy developing many things. In the last Captain’s Log I talked about the first 3 months, how I was riding a crazy high then got locked out of my empire.

So I took a bit of a break and pursued other things while we waited to see if we were going to get access to the empire’s central core. Once I realized I was not getting access back to that server for awhile, I accepted that and started remaking certain lost projects.

I remade the Color Vibez poster template so I could continue that project, I have also started on the book, I am really excited for this. Thank you everyone who has supported this project, its been insane.

I have published new additions to the Dead Kulture Theory that can be found here:

I have dropped multiple design packs in my digital asset store found here:

I dropped new art, clothing, accessories and all sorts of stuff over at

I’ve added a new blog over at the page about my travels to the oldest city in America.

I been keeping my head down working on stuff and spending some good old quality time with family. Caught up with some old friends. It don’t get much better than this, I’m truly grateful for my position.

I started skating again and I stopped drinking and smoking. I know for anyone who personally knows me that might come as a surprise. I’m not done drinking forever, just changing my relationship with it, I’ve drank once since march, so that’s a huge change from basically drinking every night nonstop.

I got a lot of things in the pipeline coming soon.

Thanks for staying tuned


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