CL:020 – Q1 2023 Recap

Q1 flew by very quickly. Despite being a dark winter for me personally, and still being locked out of my hard drive, I managed to stay mostly on schedule. Although a few projects had to be pushed back.


I continued with current projects and started news ones. I dropped the Paper Pack & Data Pack in the Digital Asset Store. We hit 2k followers on the DAG insta page so that was cool! We made a major change in direction to how I operate Dopely Diverse. We received some amazing support for the shops and I am eternally grateful!

I made major facelifts to all my landing pages and websites as well as updating my infrastructure.

Even further behind the scenes: I got my oral health back on track after neglecting going to the dentist during Covid. We also learned my dad’s Cancer was totally removed and didn’t spread to his bones, so that was the best news of the month.

We were operating at peak levels during January.


I dropped the Mini-Manifest journal in February. I released “Dope Lightz” pack to the digital asset store.

I made a major web update to Wizard. Did some BTS stuff, cleaned up the Instagram, provided V2 solutions to current clients for FREE.

Im working on many writing projects.


This is when the dark winter kicked in for me, you can read more about it here.
The point is I lost access to all my data and it was a major blow to my creative energy levels. I was feeling low, and I was ready to hang it all up basically, I was so defeated and upset.I’m trying data recovery attempts, but in the meantime, instead of giving up on the dropz I decided to pursue things that were on the list but not started yet. Things I’ve wanted to do for awhile now, such as make and release my own font, which I did, that is also in my digital asset store. As well as the “Dope Baggiez” pack.

I also used this time to focus on writing, I am cooking up many things.

March unfortunately was the worst month of the year so far for me, but by sticking to what I preach I was able to make the best of it.

Q2 Predictions

The schedule is pretty blank except for the book release in May, as well as vacation. I’m going to focus on writing and building out the things in my head. I will be exploring many things in the coming months.

Thank you all for being here

-evan “dopely faded” beale

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