I went to the Oldest City in the US / 2023 Annual Florida Bday Retreat

Once again I had a great birthday retreat to Florida to enjoy some time in the shine with my momma. We usually find something new to do every time which makes each trip truly unique and special. Last time was visiting the space center, this time was visiting the oldest city in the united states, a great thing to cross off my travel bucket list.

The weather was great and we really got to enjoy the beach and sun. We ate some Mi Mexico tacos, and ate at a new BBQ place that was bomb.

One night after leaving Mi Mexico, some lady across the street was waving us down. I wanted my mom to just skurt right past by and not get involved but my moms a better person than me. So we stop and this lady has found this big turtle she’s worried about. She somehow talks my mom into picking it up and hauling its big ass across the street.
Idk why she couldn’t do it herself, my mom almost dropped the dam thing. So anyway, my mom brings it across the street and sets it down. We realize that there’s like another bigger turtle, and 2 other smaller turtles spread around this little area. The big turtle suddenly charges the turtle we just put down and they started beefing hard.
We started a turf war, literally. Shit was crazy, and the girl who claimed to be a big “save the turtle” lady thought it was funny and laughed about it, i did too because it was out of nowhere and crazy, but deep down i was worried about them and felt we shouldn’t have intervened at all.. Those turtles ended up scurrying off into the bush, the bigger one was chasing that other on hard though so idk. I read they bite each others heads off sometimes. I still wonder what happened lol.


Visiting the oldest city in the united states was really epic. Going into the fort there and seeing the old graffiti on the walls and imagining how they lived and what the land looked like back then. Underdeveloped swamps with gators nipping at the heels. These men wore heavy like wool coats man, imagine how hot they were. The jail there was insane, it was a dungeon, scary as hell, you wouldn’t want to be locked in there.
Those people back then had no idea what the world would look like today, they couldn’t even imagine. Imagine what the world will look like in another 500 years, I can’t even. Its not fair we don’t get to see it.
We walked up and down the shopping strip, saw some really cool stores and boutiques. There was this big long hallway, lined with shops and at the end was a big restaurant. In one of these offshoot shops was a steampunk themed store which had really cool items. Another offshoot room was filled with original Disney drawings, it was really cool to see. I bought a few souvenirs from a local artist and then we skedaddled.
It was a great trip, I love history. The oldest city in the united states was beautiful, I highly recommend it.

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