I have been a very busy bee these last few months. I’m sure you noticed some of the fruits of my labor, like the facelift my site has received, but that’s just a small slither of what’s been going on, so I figured it would be a great time, and very past due, to jump in on a captain’s log.

So, its hard to know where to begin. Lots of things are changing. These past few years of dam near isolation, brought on by Covid and lockdowns, has provided me with much needed me time. I have tried to spend this time as wisely as possible, although like everyone else I was upset with the lockdowns and overall handling of this pandemic, I tried seeing it as a positive.

One of my favorite scenes in the Matrix is when neo is getting all these different fighting styles directly downloaded into his brain, and he wakes up saying “I know kung fu”. The thought of directly downloading knowledge and skills to the brain, was an insane thing to think about, just imagining the possibilities. Sadly, its not like that in the real world, not yet lol, you have to grind, study, put in the hard work and practice over and over to get better at something.

The problem with that, is we are curious beings, at least I know I am, I am interested in learning about pretty much anything and everything lol. The problem with that(I know, nothing but problems lol), is there’s not enough time in the world to do all that stuff for every possible thing were interested in, there’s just not, and that’s before we talk about the time we need to dedicate to work, sleep, and other life crap.

Self-Improvement Through Systematical Changes

So with that in mind, I really tried to take advantage of some of that freed up time and dedicate it to self-improvement in various forms. I talked a bit about this in, QUARANTINE WAS A TIME FOR PERSONAL GROWTH.

In that post I talk about learning new stuff, like new software/programs, new art techniques, reading new books, studying world topics, learning more about music theory, sacred geometry, yoga, food and cooking, body health, coding, designing, marketing, A.I, space, finance, everything I could. What I didn’t touch on is how I changed my approach to many things.

Over the past months, with encouragement from some awesome books, a video clip of Jon Cena, and my new recent use of timers, I was able to systematically organize my never ending complex web of thoughts spanning across different brands and industries and start seeing things differently and being able to act more accordingly and more efficiently. This new approach was sobering in way, in a good way, its like a haze was lifted.

Obsessiveness Can Trap You or Set You Free

I have always written things down, with my OCD I can get quite obsessive over a thought, and I cant stop thinking about it, idk if its fear of forgetting that thought forever or what, but I find if I write things down, I’m able to move on to different thoughts. I use these notes as a sort of blueprint for the things I’m doing, but before the “clarity”(we’ll call it lol) I guess you could say I didn’t hold my self accountable to these lists, I’m not sure if that’s the best way to say it. Maybe it’s more, first I was drowning in my head with obsessions on my thoughts, now im drowning physically in my thoughts on paper, perhaps causing me to be overwhelmed, a type of information overload, very disorganized with no flow, I didn’t know what to prioritize, nothing was optimized hell nothing was structured, due to all this my time management was non existent.

A new outlook and fresh approach helped me identify these problems and craft personalized solutions, its very liberating and has put me in a position I couldn’t have realized possible just a short time ago. Perhaps without the lockdowns it would have taken me much longer to reach this point, hell maybe I would have never reached it. I don’t want to make light of a heavy situation or deaths, but I have always been one to preach and practice, the power of positive thinking, not to your detriment mind you, but to your mental advantage.

How This Affects The Site & Content

With all that said, lets get into the content side of things lol. I’m approaching things and seeing things differently in this realm as well. One change to come out of this is the rebranding and restructuring of the site, now branded under the “Evan’s Media Empire” name, the parent company to all my personal brands, so it only made sense we shift the focus away from Escaping Finlandia, which the site started as in 2017? I believe, to EME which would then house all the individual brand pages. This is what I am doing to my YouTube page as well, instead of Dopely Diverse, it will be Evan’s Media Empire, and house all the video content for all the brands there. I’m moving everything under one roof, been working towards this for awhile now.

When I started all this I got caught up in best practices and spilt all my stuff up to be niche focused, and things were living on different websites and different pages, I talk about it on Specific Subscribe page, but I was worried of flooding subscribers with content they didn’t want since I cover such a wide array of topics. I think it was Eric July and the way he structured his community and content which made me realize that we all have more than just 1 thing in common, and even if not ALL the videos or content are for you, you can still enjoy the stuff you do and scroll past the stuff you don’t and still support a fellow likeminded human. So again, this has also been liberating and made things easier and more optimized and has improved everything by all accounts already.

New stuff is always coming.

Site Update 2.0

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