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Well, I cant say I’m surprised by any of this Joe Rogan Nonsense. Its quite literally what I’ve been warning everyone of for the last few years. Still it is crazy to see my predictions come to fruition(BARZ!) and watch everything happen in real time, just spectating while we slide farther down the slippery slope, lol. So lets get into this and just examine it from a common sense point of view and laugh at the absurdity.


Well, outrage has swept the nation after MMA Commentator and Podcaster Joe Rogan has had some controversial guests on his podcasts. You may be wondering whats so new about that? Hes been doing this for years.

Well, not only are we further down the slippery slope, but we are now in a pandemic, and these controversial guests have been deemed dangerous due to their views and opinions on the virus and the vaccines. Mainstream Media and followers have accused Joe Rogan of spreading misinformation that kills by having these guests on for 3 hour discussions.

This story really blew up when Neil Young took his Music off Spotify as long as JRE was hosted on the platform. In the time since, other musicians have banded with Neil and taken their music off the platform as well. While a number of other prominent figures, such as the rock, have come to Joe’s defense. Spotify has taken some JRE episodes down and going forward will list advisories on all content that may contain misinformation about Covid.

Who knows where and when this ends. The left is pushing hard to de-platform Rogan, they say the steps Spotify has made so far is not enough. People have expanded their reasoning to beyond misinformation, claiming Rogan is a misogynist, a racist, an incel, you name it, all the labels like to give, they threw at Rogan, some have gone as far as taken clips of previous, years old, JRE episodes where Rogan has said the “n” word in attempts to paint him as such.


Before I break this down and give my opinions and observations on this topic, I think its important that you hear what the man himself has to say about all the controversy. Hopefully after you do, you wont need me to break down what is wrong with this situation.

Joe Rogan, himself, took down around 70 episodes. So do not think Spotify is caving and turning on Joe, they had nothing to do with the recent takedowns, though they did choose not to pick up a few of the episodes when the acquisition first happened, they have supported him through all this and Joe supports Spotify’s action towards misinformation.


So if you haven’t seen the 3 videos above or haven’t listened to any of the JRE episodes, you may be so inclined to believe all the hype. That’s why I’m here, I really want everyone to take notice of the absurdity, hypocrisy, and straight BS of all this nonsense. So lets break it down:

Joe Rogan is Spreading Covid Misinformation.

So first, Joe Rogan isn’t spreading misinformation, he is a guy having a conversation with various people, he says in dam near every episode that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that he’s just a stupid guy that you shouldn’t listen to, he actively encourages people to do their own research and to think for themselves. He does not force anyone to listen.

People say he’s pushing a horse medicine called ivermectin, this isnt the case either, he simply said what he took and what worked for him, he didn’t tell anyone to take it.

If anything his guests are spreading misinformation, and Joe has said he’s perfectly fine with the covid labels on such episodes, as well as having someone with the opposite POV on sooner after these episodes. He’s willing to talk to anyone no matter their beliefs or political affiliations.

Joe Rogan is Racist for saying the “N” Word

Although not encouraged, saying this word doesn’t automatically make a person racist. Honestly no word on the planet makes someone racist, what makes someone racist is when they have hate in their heart. Joe Rogan has no such hate. Furthermore he very often collaborates with many African Americans in entertainment projects, as well as invites them over for a nice discussion, some whiskey and weed, and some crazy dinner like a fat daddy tomahawk lol. Also, keep in mind this comedy act “the magic words” above.

Joe Rogan is a Right Wing Incel & Misogynist

This guy is not a right wing nut, he generally leans left, but does lean right on a few issues like guns, but he’s not a party hack to either, he thinks for himself, he supports common sense thinking. He was a Bernie bro. He has people from both sides on his podcast and is cordial to both. I’m not sure where the misogyny comes from, its just a term that the left likes to throw around like “racist”. The guy has an entire family of women, his wife and three daughters(I believe) are his world, and has stood up for women everywhere in the world of professional competition.


Anyone that’s even listened to just one episode of JRE should know the above things to be true. So if your spouting something to the contrary its irrefutable evidence that you don’t listen to the guy. So your out here talking about something you don’t know about, and have the audacity to act like you do. Its all very ironic and hypocritical, because these are the very things you accuse Rogan of and want him de-platformed for.

Irony comments
Irony comments
Irony comments

These people upset about Joe Rogan, are not consistent at all with their moral compasses, I hear Neil’s music is now living on Apple Music, isn’t Apple the company that exploits children in sweatshops? I believe there’s also Amazon, the “evil” company led by Lex Luthor, who spends billions on space instead of starving kids. What gives?

All these people pissed at Spotify for supporting Joe Rogan, then turn around and eat a Chiquita banana that funds terrorism, you get my point lol.

Furthermore, if we are going down the path of banning anyone spreading misinformation about Covid, we will have to ban dam near anyone whose talked about it. Think of how much misinformation is spread by these “News” Outlets, hell even the white house, Covid and otherwise, yet no outrage for accountability like this? I wonder why? Oh yeah cuz its them lol.

They are quite literally using misinformation to accuse Rogan of misinformation and people don’t even see it, or no ones calling them on it, that’s how polarized some have become. It’s a major shame. A big disappointment.

stock info regarding spotify

Moneywise, to Joe Rogan this essentially means nothing, he will be alright even if he is banned off Spotify, which he wont be as they paid 100 million dollars for him. The left is claiming Spotify’s stock is down due to this situation, which is not true, it was down with the rest of the market, and actually saw an increase after they kept Joe.


Its about much more than money and the outrage seems politically motivated… this whole situation is yet another example of where we are in general, the absurdity and discourse brought on by party politics is to blame. As well as a trend from Left Media and Leadership, this treatment is very similar to what they they did to the last President, Peterson, Portnoy, and many others that speak against their extreme liberal agenda, straight fabricate lies. It dam near feels like a conspiracy at this point to anyone who has followed these people over their careers. When reading comments on this subject, you really see how susceptible people are and its very scary, the majority of them admit to never listening to Joe Rogan, which is just a huge face palm.

Ben Shapiro Talks about This in a Recent Video:
Bens Site also Pointed this out:
The World’s Largest Broadcaster’s Fact-Check Of Joe Rogan Podcast Goes Quite Wrong

This is another trend, I’m noticing mostly from the left, like when Ana Kasparian, admitted to watching the Kyle Rittenhouse tapes for the first time, months after spreading misinformation and defaming his name labeling him all sorts of things, only to come out with a half ass no guilt apology and admission of being wrong. HOW CAN YOU TALK ABOUT SOMETHING WITHOUT KNOWING THE FACTS!? Come on guys, like are yall for real?! Do yourself a favor, and listen to at least a few episodes before you get on the internet looking like an idiot.


While we talk about Ana we can’t help but notice no one has called for her or her colleagues over at TYT to be silenced.

And what about people like Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel, no outrage about them?

And you can’t forget about the current president, who was very much fond of segregation and yelling the N word on the Congress Floor.

Ask yourself why are these people not held to the same standard?

It should concern everyone. It’s crazy to think we are even at this point. Party Politics has people looking like fools and its only going to get worse.

Don’t think this is politically motivated?! Really?

This is what prompted me to write this, as an independent, I see what both sides say cuz I haven’t unfollowed or blocked my way into a echo chamber. So lets take a look at some comments from both sides and you will get more of a sense of why It it necessary to spell it out for some.

comments of the people
comments of the people
comments of the people about joe rogan
comments of the people about joe rogan
comments of the people about joe rogan
comments of the people about joe rogan
comments of the people about joe rogan
comments of the people about joe rogan
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comments of the people about joe rogan
comments of the people about joe rogan
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comments of the people about joe rogan
comments of the people about joe rogan


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